Project details

  • Result: The case was solved with maximum benefits for our Client

Disputes with developer

TASK ASSIGNED: Resolve situation with the developer, who violated the terms of construction and did not transfer the apartment to the investor.

CLIENT: Private Client who invested in real estate in Dubai


WHITESTANDARD lawyers prepared an ambitious letter to the developer based on the contract of sale and current legislation according to which the developer had to pay a penalty to the investor in the amount of 8% per annum for each day of delay. After sending the letter to the developer, thay signed an amicable agreement with our Client, according to which the developer will fully furnish the apartment to our Client, and will not take communal payments for servicing the apartment within 2 years from the date of key transfer. This approach without recourse to the court allowed our client save his money, since he did not have to pay for legal services in the court and a court fee, and 6 months of investment time – a term that would encompass the trial and enforcement of the court decision.

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