Project details

  • Result: Investment strategy was developed and realized

Investment in real estate

TASK ASSIGNED: Develop investment strategy for 1 million$ in Dubai real estate and provide property management service.

CLIENT: Private Client


First of all we prepared detailed analysis of real estate objects appropriate for this Client budget and goals. After all calculations we picked up two 2 bedroom apartments in the Princess Tower on a high floor overlooking the sea for 500 000$ each. We also found tenants (Emirates pilots) for these two apartments.

Annual rental cost for each apartment composed $ 40 000, it equals 3300$ per month. Total amount for two apartments is $ 80 000. Maintenance costs for both apartments is $ 9 600 per year. The Client will receive 80 000$ for the first year. After deduction of all expenses investor will receive $ 71 400 with investment of $ 1 million. The amount of income is 7.14% per year.
This calculation does not take into account the potential growth in the value of real estate. In addition, if investor comes for example from Russia, he earns additional 10% as the Russian ruble depreciated against the dollar by 10% in 2018. It is also taken into account when developing solutions for private Clients.

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