Project details

  • Result: Property management service is provided

Manage private properties

TASK ASSIGNED: provide management of residential real estate

CLIENT: private investor


The Client requested WHITESTANDARD to consult him on property management and prepare cost estimation for this service. He purchased an expensive apartment in Dubai for investment purposes and needed support in managing it as he lives in other country and does not have opportunity to come frequently to Dubai. After calculations that we made together with the Client, it became absolutely evident that even with the payment of the company’s compensation the Client’s profit will be 1.5% per year. At 2% profit per year the Client will manage his property himself and make regular spendings on flights and accommodation. The Client made the decision to delegate the management function to WHITESTANDARD. In order to get acquainted, sign the contract and make the power of attorney the client came once we invited him to our office in Dubai. To all the necessary public services light water air-conditioning gas all this in the emirates is connected separately Also started the advertisement of the real estate object found the tenant signed the lease agreement the tenant wrote out checks to the name of our client. the attention that in the emirates the system of settlements through companies through consultants through the agency is fairly transparent since we as an agency do not receive money in favor of our clients m we receive checks in their name And then this check either we pass to the client and if he does not have a local bank account he goes with this check and receives a bank card with a passport if the client has an account with the bank or we can help open an account to the customer bank here you need to make a link to the roundabout for the article where we are talking about opening accounts We can we help the client open an account in the bank and then we just go to the bank and put this check on the client’s account and the bank will automatically transfer the money to the client on the account. As a tenant moved down we went from the inspection to the apartment checked all the condition of the apartment in the apartment were minor defects were after the tenant lived there were a little dirty do so we arranged their painting Valentine arranged the painting of these walls at the expense of the insurance deposit tenants after that we signed an act of returning an apartment Dubai called pinal si but the Objection certificate was signed on behalf of our principal LC lessor returned the remaining part of the insurance deposit to the lessee and began to look for a new tenant A conclusion such that our client t received a very large bonus of the fact that he does not need to be constantly in Dubai to follow the bill for the state of the apartment to look for a tenant necessarily here write that there are cases when the tenant leaves early and as Paolo if the apartment a small rental price of two or three months can be equal to the ticket price a rough plus to all we can perform operational management of the apartment operational real estate property management Thus, even if the client has a lot of real estate objects often happens in Dubai all the way but he can not have time to manage them and this key he gains the benefit of working with us is the efficiency of transparency and the most important thing is there is no need to first understand everything how it works with contracts shields and so on and the second speed of control is like even If it is absent beyond the country’s borders, our consultants will do everything for it.

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