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Amy Lambert

TASK ASSIGNEDWHITESTANDARD was contacted by regular Client with a complaint against the tenant who did not pay the next lease payment, the check issued to them was not cashed and the bank refused to pay such a check. The owner of the premises could not find the tenant, since he did not answer mobile calls and didn’t open the door.

CLIENT: private Client


Unlike other countries under the laws of the UAE you can not just open an apartment to pick up the things of the tenant and hand over the apartment to another tenant.
It will be considered a criminal offense.
In order to legally correctly carry out the procedure for the termination of the lease agreement in the UAE, it is necessary to contact legal companies in such cases.
This issue was solved by our lawyers in several steps. First, we sent him a notarized letter stating that if he does not ignite, he will be evicted.
The procedure for eviction under the laws of Dubai is carried out by a special court – Rental Dispute. However, you can not go to the court without sending a notarized eviction notice to the lessee. If within 30 days the tenant does not pay the debts, the consultant proceeds in two ways at the same time. Refer to the police, because under the laws of the UAE you can not issue a check that will not be cashed, this is considered a crime. Simultaneously, we file documents with the court to terminate the contract and receive payment.
In our case, it turned out that the tenant did not pay and did not contact, as he was already in prison in Dubai for a small crime. Failure to pay money by check would have intensified his unfavorable position, so the tenant voluntarily stroked the debt and signed an agreement for the early termination of the contract. Currently, the apartments are handed over to a new tenant and the landlord receives income.

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