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Child Support In Light of the Latest Provisions

In Pennsylvania, while there may be cash benefits or welfare assistance available from the government for the care of children, parents are also obliged to pay support for the care and maintenance of their children (alimony). The obligation of one parent to pay child support to the other parent is mandated by law and the amount mostly depends on the parties’ respective incomes (or a possible earning capacity assigned by the court if they do not work). Pennsylvania

Legal checklist for summer travelers

As the traveling season of summer has finally arrived many people use this time of better weather and school breaks to take a vacation, whether domestically or abroad. So regardless of whether you are traveling by car, plane, or boat, you will want to be on guard for anything that comes your way with our legal checklist. Travel Insurance. If you’ve been saving all year for the one big summer extravaganza, the last thing you would want to happen…